Traffic Exchanges




Monthly Search Engine Submission Of Your Websites & Online Stores.

Members have 1,000s of ebooks to sell online.

Your Own Website Hosting & Selling Business.

You Have 1000's Of Different Types Of Online

Stores & Websites Of Every Kind That You Are

Providing To Your Customers.  

Build Your Own Online  Mall.   Sell The Stores.

Create Your Own Online Auction



Numerous Ways That You Profit From Your Own  Advertising Money Machine & Online Store.


Earn money from top-paying banner ads withGoogle Adsense Publisher Program.

Now You Can Get Access To:

1. Educational Tools, Books And Numerous Other Training Aids That Provide A Comprehensive Learning System For Computer Programming, Website Design & Development, Network Engineering Including All Areas That Are Necessary For The Member To Achieve A High Level Of Success With Their Computer & Internet  Business.

2. Website & Online Store Marketing.

3. Member Back Link Exchange.  Your Link Is Placed On Member Websites .

4. Submit Your Customers Online Stores & Websites To Search Engines Monthly & You Keep Whatever You Charge Them.

In Addition You Submit your Websites & Online Stores To The Search Engines Monthly.   No Cost To The Members. .

5. Ongoing Traffic Flowing To Your Online Store Or Website Via The Mewmbers Traffic Exchanges.

6.  Submit Your Customer Ads To Twitter With Your Own Twitter Submitter Service.

7.  Website Content Exchange Service.  Increase the number of pages in your website while adding more advertising space on your website that you sell to others.



If a member has a unique product or service that will work in this unique marketing system ,  then when the product or service  has received approval,  it will be offered to each member to advertise the item or service on their websites.  





2 X 3   14 Member   Marketing Team








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On level 1 there are 2 positions.

On level 2 there are 4 positions.

On level 3 there are 8 positions.

Each Member Has Paid Their M&H Fee

This Ends The Cycle For This Day

The Team Leader Receives $200.00 Revenue Sharing Check

This Completes 1 Cycle For The Team Leader

Each Member Is The Leader Of Their 14 Member Team

Each Team Member Recycles When They Earn $200

This Creates The Cash Flow Necessary To Pay The Team Leader $200.00  This Cycle Pays Daily.




2 X 3   14 Member Marketing Team

The Same Marketing Team Members

Now You Can Increase Your Daily Cash Flow

The Advertising Money Machine Is Proud

To Announce The Affiliation With

George Berry Neutriceuticals, Inc.

.George Berry has created over 1,400 pharmaceutical drugs, over the counter drugs and medical devices that were approved for sale by the FDA.

George is the CEO of George Berry Neutriceuticals, Inc.

The incredible benefit for the members of the Advertising Money Machine is to be able to offer a line of top level health products through their websites and the other various avenues of marketing.

George Berry Is Also A Vietnam Veteran Army Ranger

Real Health Products That Deliver Real Nutrional Benefits.





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